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Packaging is more than ‘just’ packaging, much like the product you want to highlight with it is not just any old product in the market. We ensure the perfect custom design.

Mock-ups - Matiz

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Once we reach a final design, we can then produce a realistic mock-up or dummy (digital or physical) of the product.

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Short print runs are perfect to test packaging or launch a product very quickly. Thanks to digital printing, small volumes can be produced.

Our Services

Naturally, you want your packaging to have a professional look, one that is hopefully irresistible to consumers and retailers. Say no more! Matiz creates a preprint with all the bells and whistles. The design is based on a personal meeting, during which we get a good sense of your concept and how you want to communicate it. We then use the results of this dialogue to create a custom graphic design. We also provide you with a realistic 3D presentation and working drawing. From mock-up to short print runs and from prepress to consulting, Matiz offers one-stop shopping.

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Matiz specialises in graphic design, ranging from packaging design and print-ready plates to creating corporate styles for your company or product. Get inspired by a selection of our projects!

Our approach

If there is anything we have learned from more than 25 years of experience, it is the importance of personal contact with the client and the extraordinary value of this contact during all phases of the process. Each and every day, we strive to offer every individual client a one-stop-shop that excels in reliability, expertise and talent, enabling custom and unique service.

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