Packaging design

Our packaging expertise, namely a unique custom graphic printable design, has little chance of success if not accompanied by personal contact with the client and a holistic sense of the product. This understanding leads to a creative exploration of all the possibilities to create spectacular packaging, which we then present to the client in various designs, accompanied by a realistic 3D presentation and working drawing. It goes without saying that we can also provide our clients with integral assistance in developing a corporate style and design.


Once your personal design has strong legs to stand on from a printing perspective, we create a digital mock-up or packshot, letting you bypass the usual inconvenience of long waiting times for final products, but with the advantage of dynamic images. A physical mock-up is also an option, by which we create realistic dummies in very small editions (as little as one copy), perfect for product presentations at fairs, sales meetings, etc. The techniques we use give our clients a complete overview of what their final product will look like in reality, without having to spend a lot of money for printing.

Short print runs

With short print runs, we print packaging digitally – again, in very small editions – on paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, self-adhesive vinyl, plastic foil and more. We also offer all imaginable finishing options to crease, plot, seal, create a flow pack or doypack, and so on. Since this process if fully digital, small batches are possible without the usual (high) fixed start-up costs. This makes short print runs perfect to test packaging or launch a product very quickly. At Matiz, we can switch gears very quickly.

Aanpak van Matiz
Aanpak van Matiz


During the final launch step, we can convert your design files into print-ready files or printing plates, which is possible for a very wide range of packaging printing techniques, such as offset, flexo and rotogravure.


We also offer professional consulting services to clients, from improving and implementing work flows and process analysis to offering the right tools and software.

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